Software as a Service (hosted Web Based Applications):

Our Cloud based / SaaS Power Tools may be used as independent systems to address your specific needs or acquired as one integrated Cloud based solution for your company. Developed in, and currently running an award winning manufacturing business in Ohio, these systems have been reviewed numerous times during Military Manufacturing CAGE certification review, ISO reviews and customer surprise process flow reviews.

bulletpoint   A comprehensive system: Incorporating Gauge and Standard calibration, machine maintenance, quality ques per part dimension if necessary, production totals, indicators of scrap production, job management, a non-email communication system, immediate feedback to machinist or if used in a robotic setting, alert to persons monitoring the systems. SPC output by export to Minitab®, and via a Dundas® Six Sigma on-line dashboard. The SPC dashboard, on on-line reporting (real-time) may be configured on request whatever the need is for a given industry. We have incorporated alert mechanisms for high rate manufacturing facilities.

Being web based, deployment issues are non-factors, particularly if a global setting is the requirement.

bulletpoint  Time clock, with management system; provides shift based time accumulation review and management. This application is smart-phone capable, therefore could be extended to a number of service industries.

bulletpoint  Web based, closed; corporate communication system that does not use email services. Provides communications without the cost of email within any setting to control sensitive communications while committing all communications and otherwise to a SQL database for lifelong recall. Operates very similar to email, and allows for small file transmission and recall. Is integrated with the systems for user configured alert conditions the system will send to a preset group of persons.

bulletpoint  Manufacturing Control, CRM, Profit Margin protection. Includes each of the previously described systems combined into this product. From work to asset accounting; production cost analysis, Product Feasibility, WIP monitoring, etc. this system was designed to deploy easily, and guard against profit erosion. Complete from Order to shipment.

Why Power Tools, why Cloud based?
Don't repeat production mishaps: Quality Managers are able to add per part notes to avoid production issues which cost time, money, and compromise production schedules. As jobs are activated by the machinist, they must complete a brief Gauge validation, and check the machine maintenance. Supports ISO efforts on schedule production through review of daily production levels.

Why Cloud based?
Virtually eliminate IT cost and issues Our Cloud based SPC solution "significantly" reduces your costs while simplifying your technology. Eliminate the hidden cost and technology quagmire that is associated with other products.

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    Risk Management - Gauge / Standards - Production Control
    Follows gauge per use, required certificate by date, per shift gauge operational check, per shift Machine maintenance check.
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    ISO Compliance - Risk Management & Production Control
    Requires Machine maintenance check, and Gauge operation check when job is activated per user, per shift.
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    Reduce your Technical costs
    No need for in-house servers and hidden costs when you use ByDesign Production System.

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